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Home Bible Studies
Christ Center is committed to scriptural understanding. From the very beginning of the Christian walk to the end, God's word is essential to one's spiritual development. Christ Center offers Bible studies for any level of knowledge.

The music ministry sets the tone for regular worship services and provides music for special events. This ministry is comprised of the Adult Choir, Praise and Worship Teams, Youth Choir and Children's Choir.

The Christ Center Bookstore offers a selection of books and music designed to inform and inspire the Christian life. The bookstore also sells audio and CD recordings of services at Christ Center.

Children's Ministries
Christ Center provides Sunday School classes for children of all ages.

To provide love, comfort and spiritual aid to those who are confined to home or an assisted living facility.

Dorcas Ministry
Inspired by the good works of Dorcas who ministered to believers in Acts 9:36-42, the Dorcas ministry enables the ladies of Christ Center to aid and minister to saints in the Columbia area. The Midlands have been divided into four geographical areas in order to better facilitate the ministry.

Deaf Ministry
Christ Center translates regular services into sign language and provides Bible Studies and other resources for those who are hearing impaired.

Spanish Ministry
Individual Bible Study nights are offered upon request. Additionally, Christ Center's regular services are translated into Spanish via audio headsets.

World Missions
Everyone can spread the Gospel to those with whom we come in contact, but missionaries have taken the command to "go" to the next level. World Missions forms a link between Christ Center and the mission field, working to support missionaries through financial assistance, encouragement and prayer. Christ Center is committed to helping missionaries as they take the Gospel around the world.